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Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia | Finnish Academy of Science and Letters | Academia Scientiarum Fennica

Board of the Academy

Board of the Academy 1.1.-31.12.2019

Risto Nieminen

Risto Nieminen


Academician, Professor emeritus of physcis, Aalto University

risto.nieminen (at) | +358 50 350 0900

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Anna Mauranen

Anna Mauranen

Vice president

Professor of English Philology, University of Helsinki

anna.mauranen (at) | +358 50 4687 426

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Tuula Linna

Secretary of the section of the humanities

Professor of procedural law, University of Helsinki

tuula.linna (at) | +358 50 3119 350

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Juha Kinnunen

Sectretary of the section of science

Professor of mathematics, Aalto University

juha.k.kinnunen (at) | +358 50 430 5757

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Pekka Ilmakunnas

Pekka Ilmakunnas


Professor emeritus of Economics, Aalto University

pekka.ilmakunnas (at) | +358 40 581 5390

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Arto Haapala

Arto Haapala


Professor of Aesthetics, Univeristy of Helsinki

arto.haapala (at) | +358 50 448 0667

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Elina Ikonen

Elina Ikonen


Professor of Cell and Tissue Biology, University of Helsinki

elina.ikonen (at) | +358 50 4485 050

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Maria Lähteenmäki

Maria Lähteenmäki


Professor of History, University of Eastern Finland

maria.lahteenmaki (at) | +358 50 372 7676

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Merja Penttilä

Merja Penttilä


Research professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

merja.penttila (at) | +358 40 700 0163

The Board of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2016
The Board of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2016

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Mariankatu 5 A, 2nd floor
00170 Helsinki, Finland

+358-50-4620 890
acadsci (at)

Secretary General
Pekka Aula
+358-40-7030 952
pekka.aula (at)  

Administrative Manager
Leila Sarajärvi
+358-50-4620 890
leila.sarajarvi (at)

Secretary of Academy, SAM of Finland
Jaakko Kuosmanen
+358 40 0601 716
jaakko.kuosmanen (at)

Administrative Assistant
Nina Rapelo
+358-50-4620 889 
nina.rapelo (at)

Marianne Parvinen
+358-50-5128 830
marianne.parvinen (at)