Mathematics Fund

The purpose of the Mathematics Fund is to promote mathematical research.

The Mathematics Fund was set up in 1979 with capital generated by the 1978 International Conference of Mathematicians, and it has since received further donations from Sinikka Nevanlinna and I. S. Louhivaara. The fund is administered by trustees nominated for five years at a time by the Governing Board of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.

The Mathematics Fund has provided support for high-level conferences arranged by Finnish mathematicians both at home and abroad, especially in the case of the Mittag-Leffler Institute when Finnish organizers have been involved. It has also awarded ICM travel scholarships at four-year intervals and other scholarships for attending international conferences in exceptional cases.

Finns attending mathematics competitions have also received support, as has the Finnish Mathematical Association for organizing its annual meeting and for the Mathematics Prize awarded on that occasion.

One part of this fund is set aside as the R. Nevanlinna Scholarship Fund, which has been used to award grants to Finnish mathematicians wishing to visit Switzerland. It has also given grants to mathematicians from abroad for working visits to Finland.

There are no fixed dates for applying to the Mathematics Fund. Applications should be sent to the chairman of the trustees, Matti Lassas (