Funds and foundations

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters administers three funds and two foundations based on donations and legacies that it has received.

The Academy distributes over 2.5 million euros in grants and prizes each year, chiefly to young scientists and academics.

All the funds and foundations are open to applications for grants, and awards are made across the whole spectrum of academic, scientific and technological disciplines.

Jutikkala Fund

The Jutikkala Fund distributes about half a million euros a year in grants and prizes for research in the humanities.

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Mathematics Fund

The Mathematics Fund was set up in 1979 with capital generated by the 1978 International Conference of Mathematicians, and it aims to promote mathematical research.

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Väisälä Fund

Vilho, Yrjö and Kalle Väisälä Fund supports study and scientific research in mathematics and natural sciences.

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