09.02.2024 Events

Seminar: Geospatial modelling of urban dynamics and sustainability 27.2.

Urban areas are growing rapidly in Finland, Europe, China and especially in Africa, which creates challenges for green spaces, traffic, air quality and urban planning. University of Helsinki has focused on land use mapping and urban sustainability and accessibility research in cooperation with Finnish Environment Institute, National Land Survey and Wuhan University, China. Welcome to hear about the outcomes and current focus of the research!

30.01.2024 NewsScience and policy

New course inspires researchers to participate in policy-making

Course material published by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters aims to assist researchers who are interested in the science-policy interface or want to contribute their research knowledge to the policy-making process.

25.01.2024 Events

UniOulu Science Day 17.4.2024

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is collaborating with the University of Oulu in UniOulu Science Day on 17.4. The event facilitates knowledge sharing through workshops, speeches and discussions. The event will be held in English.

08.01.2024 Grants and prizes

The Väisälä project grant, 1.–31.1.2024

The Väisälä project grant is intended for researchers working in Finland at the early stages of the tenure track (assistant professor level) to set up their research group and cover the group’s research costs. The application period in 2024 is 1.1.–31.1.2024.

For the benefit of science

For the good of society

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is a broad-based learned society founded in 1908 with the principal aim of promoting scientific research and acting as a bond between those engaged in advanced research.

The Academy invites academics and scientists who have distinguished themselves in their own fields to become members.

We arrange meetings, discussions and educational events. We also produce scientific publications and do issue comments on questions of research and researchers. We make proposals concerning science and those engaged in it, thus taking an active part in the long-term planning of science policy.

The Academy contributes over 2.5 million euros in grants and awards annually.

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Science and policy