13.11.2023 News

Professor Juhani Knuuti receives the Pro Scientia prize

The Pro Scientia prize is awarded by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters to a person or instance noted for speaking out, writing or engaging in other activities to the benefit of scientific study and research, thereby promoting the role of science in society. In 2023, the prize is awarded to MD and professor Juhani Knuuti. The value of the prize is 10 000 euros.

06.11.2023 MembersNews

Alfred Kordelin prize awarded to Olli Vapalahti, Professor of Zoonotic Virology

Olli Vapalahti has conducted impactful research of the highest quality on zoonotic diseases, such as nephropathia epidemica, the zika virus disease, the coronavirus disease caused by SARS-CoV-2, and avian influenza.

16.10.2023 News

Science and Technology in Society -foorum 2023

STS forum holds an annual meeting in Kyoto in early October. This year’s 20th anniversary meeting was attended by nearly 1,500 leaders from over 80 countries, regions, and international organizations. The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters was represented by Kimmo Kaski, President, and Pekka Aula, Secretary General.

13.10.2023 News

Three years of funding for the teachers’ endorsed Meet a Researcher science education service

The Young Academy Finland has received 110,000 euros from the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation for its Meet a Researcher service, which offers remote visits by researchers to Finnish educational institutions. Almost half of Finnish high schools have already used the service. The financing guarantees the continuation of the service at its current volume until the end of 2026.

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The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is a broad-based learned society founded in 1908 with the principal aim of promoting scientific research and acting as a bond between those engaged in advanced research.

The Academy currently has over 800 full and 180 other members, distinguished academics on whom membership has been conferred in recognition of their achievements. 

We arrange meetings, discussions and educational events. We also produce scientific publications and do issue comments on questions of research and researchers. We make proposals concerning science and those engaged in it, thus taking an active part in the long-term planning of science policy.

The Academy contributes over 2.5 million euros in grants and awards annually.

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