Jutikkala Fund

The history of the Eino Jutikkala Fund goes back to December 2006, when the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters became the chief beneficiary under the last will and testament of a long-standing member, Academician Eino Jutikkala. In accordance with that will, a separate fund was formed that bore his name, and the first grants were awarded from it in autumn 2008.

This exceptionally large legacy enabled the Academy for the first time in the hundred years of its history to provide substantial support for research in the humanities.


The Jutikkala Fund distributes about half a million euros a year in grants and prizes for research in the humanities. This is spread over all the subjects represented in the Academy’s Section of the Humanities.


As well as grants, the Eino Jutikkala Fund awards two prizes.

Under the provisions of his will, the Eino Jutikkala Prize for History is awarded at three-year intervals starting from 24th October 2007, the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The Prize for the Humanities has been awarded annually since 2011 to a young scholar in the early stages of his/her career who has already gained an international reputation for work in some branch of the humanities or social sciences.

Eino Jutikkala

Academician Eino Jutikkala was invited to be a member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters as early as 1946 and was later made an honorary member.

Regarding the use to be made of the money, he laid down in his will dated 1st November 2003 that ”The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters shall use this sum to create a separate fund, from the proceeds of which assistance shall be granted annually for research in the humanities.”

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