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Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Mariankatu 5 A, 3rd floor
00170 Helsinki


acadsci (at)


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Facebook @acadsci
Twitter @Tiedeakatemia

Secretary General

Professor Pekka Aula
Tel. +358 40 7030 952
Email pekka.aula (at)

Administrative Manager

Ms Leila Sarajärvi, MA
Tel. +358 50 4620 890
Email leila.sarajarvi (at)

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Nina Rapelo, MA
Tel. +358 50 4620 889
Email nina.rapelo (at)

Administrative Secretary

Ms. Emilia Lähde
Tel. +358-50-5128 830
Email emilia.lahde (at)

Communications Specialist

Ms. Anna Chydenius, MA
Puhelin: +358 50 587 6527

Communications Specialist

Mr. Aleksi Kylmälahti

Academy Secretary | Science and policy

Mr. Jaakko Kuosmanen, PhD
Tel. +358-40-0601 716
Email jaakko.kuosmanen (at)

Science Communicator | Science and policy

Ms. Nanna Särkkä, M.Soc.Sc. & graphic designer
Tel. +358-50-5208 366
Email nanna.sarkka (at)

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Academia Europaea, President’s Office

Professor Marja Makarow (President of the Academia Europaea from 1 October 2021)
e-mail: marja.makarow (at)