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Academy Award

The most prominent recognition from the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is the Academy Award which is awarded annually to a distinguished member of the Academy for life’s work.

The aim of the Academy Award is to recognize the scientific careers of especially distinguished members. The prize was established to be “awarded for especially meritorious scholarly work” – The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Academy Award since 1945.

Image: Matti Immonen / Academy of Finland

Academician Eva-Mari Aro was awarded the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters Academy Award 2018. Academician Aro, molecular biologist and professor at the University of Turku, is one of the world’s leading experts on photosynthesis. More information

Former recipients

2020 Riitta Hari – neuroscience 2019 Raimo Tuomela – philosophy 2018 Eva-Mari Aro – biology 2017 Marjatta Hietala – History 2016 Markus Pessa – Physics…

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