Post doc -pool

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is contributing to the Foundations’ Post Doc Pool in 2022-2024.

The central idea of the Pool is to offer full funding for postdoctoral scholars who go abroad to do research after their doctoral dissertation. The funding may also cover e.g. the expenses of the researcher’s family, when necessary. Some 70-80 grants will be awarded from the Pool each year.

The application process for the Foundations’ Post Doc Pool is held twice a year. The spring call for applications is held in December–January and the autumn call in August–September.

On the current three year period (2022-2024) the Pool is set up by the Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation, Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education, Päivikki and Sakari Sohlberg Foundation, Finnish Academy for Science and Letters, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Medical Foundation, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and Ulla Tuominen Foundation, which allocate 3 250 000 euros to the Pool annually.

A Board with representatives appointed by each member foundation manages the Pool. The Pool takes care of expert review of applications and preparatory work, after which the foundations involved will make the actual grant decisions.

More information:

Post Doc Pool homepage