Pro Scientia Prize

The Pro Scientia prize is awarded by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters to a person or instance noted for speaking out, writing or engaging in other activities to the benefit of scientific study and research, thereby promoting the role of science in society. The value of the prize is 10.000€.

It was decided that the first such prize should go to a person who has worked diligently for the benefit of science, and above all its social impact, but whose work is not widely known or recognized. Particular significance is attached to this decision, as there are innumerable talented and successful scientists on whom the spotlights of scientific publication seldom shine but whose work has far more impact than their treatment by the media would lead one to think. It is important that these people should also be thanked in public for their contribution.

Prize winners

2023 Professor Juhani Knuuti

2021 Nonfiction writer Tiina Raevaara, honorable mention: Helsingin Sanomat

2019 M.Phil. Ilari Hetemäki, head of communication for the Federation of the Finnish Learned Societies

2017 Professor Jaana Bäck, University of Helsinki