Institute grant

The institute grant by the Öhmann Foundation is targeted for a short-term research period at the Finnish Institute in Germany in Berlin. The application period is held in April/May each year.

Note that the Öhmann Foundation’s grant application is organised at the same time. The grants are awarded as personal or travel grants or for research cooperation (eg. for visits by researchers from abroad) or for organising conferences. The fields for which the grants are awarded are German language, translation, and literature in the German language.

Öhmann Foundation’s Institute grant

Application period: 24.4.-31.5.2023

The Öhmann Foundation announces that the institute grant for a short-term research period at the Finnish Institute in Germany in Berlin is open for applications. The research fields covered by the grant are German language and the culture of the German-speaking area.

The Institute grant covers travel and accommodation expenses, as well as office space at the Finnish Institute for a maximum stay of three months. The research visit must be realised during 1.11.2023-30.6.2024. The grant is 1.000 euros per month.

The Finnish Institute in Germany is a forum for Finnish culture and arts, academia and business in the German-speaking region. The core mission of the Institute is to create connections between German- and Finnish-speaking professionals and to promote long-term co-operation and dialogue between Finland and the German-speaking region. The Institute’s central location in Berlin in the immediate vicinity of different universities, libraries and archives is especially favourable for researchers who wish to research literature or to network with colleagues at the universities in Berlin.

The office space can be used on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. The space includes a wireless Internet access. The space is used under the conditions of the Institute and within the framework of its activities. The researchers have also the opportunity to host internal meetings, workshops and seminars at the Institute.

All researchers, including PhD candidates, who work at Finnish universities are eligible to apply.

We ask you to send the applications, including attachments, to the Institute’s director’s assistant Suvi Wartiovaara ( on the 31st of May 2023, the latest. You can also reach out to her for more information.

The application must include the following documents:

  • Maximum 1-page long application in Finnish, Swedish, English or German:
    • why are you interested in working at the Institute
    • when and for how long you wish to occupy the work space
    • how does the research visit benefit your research and/or your academic career
    • what expectations and/or wishes you have for the Institute and
    • how you might want to contribute to the Institute’s programme
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Bibliography of academic publications