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The History of Science in Finland: Personal Recollections

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) and the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) are in the process of gathering personal narratives and recollections by scientists and researchers that either are or have been active in Finland.

The collection is part of a larger project on the history of science and knowledge in Finland since 1917. We invite as many scholars as possible to contribute with their personal recollections.

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AASF 1/2023 out now

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae (AASF) is published twice a year as an open online publication on the platform.

The first issue for 2023 has now been published! The volume offers an interesting collection of articles from different scientific disciplines.

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Freedom of Research – Contemporary and Transnational Perspectives, 23.5.2023

Freedom of research is regarded as a fundamental condition for the advancement of scientific knowledge. But what exactly do we mean by freedom of research, and what are the factors that enable or endanger it in contemporary societies? Speakers: Eva-Mari Aro, Andrew Graan, Arto Laitinen and Johanna Vuorelma.

The recording is available on our website!

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New members 2023

The scientists elected to membership of the Academy are distinguished academics. Membership of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, in common with membership of any other academy of science, is looked on as a considerable achievement in a person’s academic career.

This year, 29 new members were elected.

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Happy Easter time

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is closed during the Easter time. We will be back on Tuesday 11 April 2023.

We wish all our members and partners peaceful spring days.

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