AASF 1/2023 out now

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae (AASF) is published twice a year as an open online publication on the journal.fi platform. The first issue for 2023 has now been published and offers an interesting collection of articles from different scientific disciplines.

The publication includes eight articles:

Robin Dunbar: The Social Brain Hypothesis Thirty Years On: Some Philosophical Pitfalls of Deconstructing Dunbar’s Number

Olli-Pekka Vainio: Mielensä muuttamisesta

Kaius Tuori: Pacta sunt servanda

Helena Korpelainen: Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture: novel materials for adapting to changing environmental conditions

Niklas Jensen-Eriksen: Yrityshistoria ja kasvuyrittäjyys

Juha Vaara: Quantum-Chemical Approach to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Paramagnetic Systems

Pasi Ihalainen: Miten edustuksellinen demokratiamme on muuttumassa? Digitaalisen käsitehistorian näkökulma

Liisa Laakso: Akateeminen vapaus tutkimuskohteena – havaintoja Afrikasta