Kuva: SLS/ SLSA 1040

The History of Science in Finland: Personal Recollections

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) and the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) are in the process of gathering personal narratives and recollections by scientists and researchers that either are or have been active in Finland. The collection is part of a larger project on the history of science and knowledge in Finland since 1917. We invite as many scholars as possible to contribute with their personal recollections. You can find more information and guidelines for how to participate on SKS’ website.

Your recollections will contribute to the formation of a substantial source of knowledge, not only for the ongoing project and its publications, but also for future research in the history of science and knowledge. The collected material will for instance give us a better understanding of the close links between scientific and societal development, and it will help us shed new light on the practical and spatial aspects of scientific life.

We welcome freely formulated texts that can be in-depth descriptions of one’s own career in relation to local and international concerns, or more limited accounts of significant research and projects; reflections on everyday scientific practices, their ups and downs, or considerations of the characteristic features of the scientific community and higher education in Finland based on personal experiences. We encourage scholars at different stages of their career and from all scientific disciplines to contribute. If you wish to contribute with other than digital material, such as already published essays, books, and previously written recollections, please contact: keruu@finlit.fi.

For further information, please contact Development manager Eija Stark at the Archives of the Finnish Literature Society (eija.stark@finlit.fi) or Stefan Nygård (stefan.nygard@acadsci.fi), scientific coordinator for the project History of science and knowledge in Finland.