Past events

Save the date for the science communication seminar in January 2025

Aika: 30.05.2024

The event is intended for science communicators from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Welcome to meet international colleagues, network, and discuss themes that unite us all.

The registration starts on the 20th of September 2024.

If you are interested in presenting findings, best practices etc. related to the topics of the seminar, please send in your informal proposal by the 19th of June 2024.

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Seminar: Geospatial modelling of urban dynamics and sustainability 27.2.

Aika: 27.02.2024

Urban areas are growing rapidly in Finland, Europe, China and especially in Africa, which creates challenges for green spaces, traffic, air quality and urban planning. University of Helsinki has focused on land use mapping and urban sustainability and accessibility research in cooperation with Finnish Environment Institute, National Land Survey and Wuhan University, China. Welcome to hear about the outcomes and current focus of the research!

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UniOulu Science Day 17.4.2024

Aika: 25.01.2024

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is collaborating with the University of Oulu in UniOulu Science Day on 17.4. The event facilitates knowledge sharing through workshops, speeches and discussions. The event will be held in English.

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