Election of new members

A written proposal with justifications shall be submitted with respect to each proposed new ordinary or external member by at least two existing ordinary members or honorary members. The Selection Committee for each section shall consider the proposals for ordinary and external members and place its recommendations before a meeting of the section to be held at least two weeks before the Academy’s Spring Meeting.

Ordinary members shall be of Finnish nationality or resident in Finland and external members of foreign nationality. All members shall be of proven excellence in their own field of academic research.

Each section shall have a Selection Committee for the choosing of new members. This committee shall consist of eight members and shall be representative of the branches of science and learning covered by the section. The committee members shall be nominated by the Academy’s Autumn Meeting for a term of four years such that one fourth of its members shall change each year.

This election procedure is directed specifically at ensuring that all members have the necessary academic credentials and command widespread respect in their own field. Membership of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, in common with membership of any other academy of science, is looked on as a considerable achievement in a person’s academic career.