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One of the most essential functions of science academies has always been the publication of scientific research. The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters has four scientific publication series.

  • Folklore Fellows’ Communications
  • Humaniora
  • Mathematica, Mathematica Dissertationes
  • Kannanottoja

In addition, the Academy publishes the Yearbook.

The publications of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters are available at Tiedekirja.

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Publication History

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters originally had two primary publication series under the shared name Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae which were separated into series A, focusing on mathematics and natural sciences, and series B, covering the humanities. In 1940, it was decided that series A was to be further split into subcategories. Of these subcategories, the Mathematica series is still published by the Academy. 

The humanistic series B is currently published under the name Humaniora.

In addition to these, since the Academy was established it has published the Folklore Fellows’ Communications series.


Papers published in the former series

AASF Chemica 253 (.pdf) - Harju Mauno: Transition path selection between ammonium nitrate solid phases IV, III and II. 1994.

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