STS foorumi järjestettiin Kiotossa 1.–3. lokakuuta. Kuvassa Tiedeakatemian pääsihteeri Pekka Aula ja esimies Kimmo Kaski.

Science and Technology in Society -foorum 2023

Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum) brings together global opinion leaders consisting of not only cutting-edge scientists, but also policymakers, business leaders, university presidents, research institute directors, science and technology investment foundations, and the media to discuss the benefits of advances in science and technology, and also the issues they newly raise. STS forum holds an annual meeting in Kyoto in early October. This year’s 20th anniversary meeting was attended by nearly 1,500 leaders from over 80 countries, regions, and international organizations.

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters was represented by Kimmo Kaski, President, and Pekka Aula, Secretary General.

STS forum statement is available on the event’s website here (PDF-file). The statement highlights issues such as artificial intelligence, biodiversity, climate change, disinformation and digital equality.

During the Forum, Kimmo Kaski participated in an international meeting of presidents of science academies. At the meeting, each Academy presented a short contribution on “Recovery and Conservation of the Ocean’s Ecosystem and Biodiversity”. The presentation “Promoting the Biodiversity and Ocean Literacy in the Anthropocene”, written by Kimmo Kaske together with Associate Professor Marie Nordström, is available on our website here (PDF file).

The 21st Annual Meeting of STS forum is scheduled to be held in Kyoto from Sunday, October 6 to Tuesday, October 8, 2024.