New course inspires researchers to participate in policy-making

Course material published by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters provides valuable information about interaction between science and policy-making. 

From science to decision-making, a course specially designed for universities, assists researchers who are interested in the science-policy interface or want to contribute their research knowledge to the policy-making process. The course material is available for free on our website in both Finnish and English. 

”Being active at the science-policy interface may seem challenging for researchers”, says Iiris Koivulehto, knowledge broker at the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. ”To enhance the impact of research, universities should provide researchers tools to support their impact work.”   

The course offers a historical overview of the science-policy interface, explains policy processes in the Finnish national context, and outlines the role of researchers in them. Various exercises encourage participants to reflect on their own skills, networks, and goals. 

Koivulehto concludes that there are many ways to participate in policy-making. Everyone can find a way that suits them best.  

“Not every researcher needs to be on social media to have an impact.” 

The course is available for free both on the website of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters and on the Finnish Doctoral Training Network’s FinDocNet where universities can integrate it into their curricula.

More info: 
Iiris Koivulehto 
p. 040 564 9886

Questions about accessing the course on FinDocNet platform: 
Merja Lyytikäinen 
University of Eastern Finland
p. 050 360 6382