Write a short reflection

Utilise your own observations and views. 

Return to the task in the first section of the course where you described your thoughts on the interaction between research and policy (you used the contents of the lecture and Gluckman’s article to support your writing). Briefly describe how your thinking has changed. You could, for example, add a bulleted list to the end of your previous text summarising the things you have learned. 

Create your personal interaction plan.

Think about the societal impact of your own research, your goals and the matters you have learned during the course. 

The interaction plan is a tool that you can use at various stages of conducting research. In the early stages when you are planning a new study, the interaction plan can be especially helpful in conceptualising your goals for impact work while continually encouraging interaction throughout the research project. Later as the project progresses the plan can help you choose practical methods of interaction that are suitable for you. The interaction plan can be created from the perspective of your personal research or from the perspective of your research group, for example.  

Open the interaction plans by clicking the picture below.