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On this page you can find the collection of phenomenon maps produced by The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The works are a part of the academy’s work on advancing the evidence-informed decision-making. The most efficient models are striven for in development work in order to collect and make use of them in decision-making.

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Science briefs

Hydrogen in the Green Transition

Publication date: June 2023

Hydrogen in the Green Transition provides a situational picture of the relevance of hydrogen for Finland based on the views of 13 Finnish researchers. Finland is aspiring to be a pioneer in the production of clean hydrogen. According to the decision in principle by the Finnish Government, Finland has the means to produce at least ten percentage of the zero-emission hydrogen in the European Union by the year 2030. There are plans of multiple hydrogen production projects in Finland and some of them already have an investment decision. However, a strategic overall view of the role of hydrogen in green transition is yet to be made in Finland. Researchers are also calling for the acknowledgement of ecological and social sustainability in hydrogen solutions.

Read more: Hydrogen in the Green Transition (PDF file)

Quantum technology

Publication date: March 2023

Quantum technology is on its way, but the biggest effects of it are still mostly a mystery. The science brief released in March 2023 unravels the meaning and possibilities of quantum technology for Finland. The science brief is based on the views of 12 Finnish researchers.

Read more: Quantum technology (PDF file)

Other phenomenon maps

Finland in change: Fact sheet on the effects of the war in Ukraine on the Finnish society

Publication date: May 2023
Language: only in Finnish

In the spring of 2023 at the request of the Finnish Government, the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters produced a fact sheet on the effects of Russia’s attack on Ukraine on the Finnish society. 36 researchers from various universities and research institutes were interviewed for the compilation.

The fact sheet consists of three parts: multidisciplinary overview as well as thematic reviews especially on security and economy. The reviews have been compiled experimentally using different methods.

Review specific descriptions and links to the works can be found below.

In the overview of the fact sheet the effects of the war are examined from the perspectives of population, security, economy and the environment. The overview offers the reader concise and general points of the cross-cutting changes in the current day as well as near future preparations.

Read more here (PDF file), only in Finnish.

The review includes estimates of researchers about the security of supply of food, energy and logistics in Finland. The researchers have also provided messages to the decision-makers about the pressure that comes with decision-making in these fields. The part about security of food supply has been prepared by the research manager of the Natural Resource Institute Finland, Hanna-Maija Karikallio, the part of energy security by Professor Sanna Syri of Aalto University and the security of supply in logistics by Professor Lauri Ojala of University of Turku.

Read more here (PDF file), only in Finnish.

The review includes views of economists about the key challenges in the economy of Finland which require swift decisions from the government starting their work in 2023. The review was made for the government formation talks. The review was compiled by Professor of practice in economics Marita Laukkanen of Tampere University and Professor Otto Toivanen of Aalto University.

Read more here (PDF file), only in Finnish.

The Impacts of Digital Media on Children, Young People and Senior Citizens

Publication date: February 2021

The topic for the first phenomenon map formed as the impacts of digital media on children, young people and senior citizens. The compilation report includes all the parts of the phenomenon map: descriptions of method and process, six evidence syntheses of various levels from different perspectives, mapping of research gaps concerning research on Finnish children and young people, proposed measures and the literature list. The phenomenon map provides useful reading on the impacts of digital media, media education, the media use of children, young people and senior citizens as well as evidence syntheses and methods of producing them for the ones interested.

Read more: Phenomenon Map: The Impacts of Digital Media on Children, Young People and Senior Citizens (PDF file)