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Before submitting an application, see the FAQ on the Finnish website. Assistance and advice for grant-related matters is available from the office of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358 (0)50 4620 889).

Some main points in English can also be found under Instructions for applicants


What kind of attachments are required?

The only required attachment is a progress report from the supervisor of PhD thesis when applying for second or third grant period. Progress report is not required if you haven’t before received PhD grant from Eino Jutikkala Fund.

Do I have to send the application and attachments also by post?

No, the application is sent only electronically via the online form.

Can grant applications be submitted in languages other than Finnish?

Applications and related appendices can also be submitted in Swedish or English.

The application requests references. Should references be attached to the application or is there a separate system which can be used to provide references? Must references be attached to the application?

Separate references are not attached to the applications. Neither is there a separate system for providing references. The inclusion of the names and contact information of the references is sufficient (these are requested on the Application (“Hakemus”) page). The system also does not send requests to the references. Please note that the information for two references at most can be provided on the application.

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