Year Book 2017

Yearbook 2017 can be read as online book via link above.

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Risto Nieminen: A greeting from the President
Pekka Aula: A message from the Secretary General


Academy Award – Marjatta Hietala
Pro Scientia Prize – Jaana Bäck
Prize for the Humanities – Tuuli Lähdesmäki
Väisälä Prize – Camilla Hollanti
Väisälä Prize – Sabrina Maniscalco


Annual report of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters


Publications by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters


Matti Eronen
Mauno Koivisto
Pekka Koivistoinen
Mauri Lounasmaa
Jorma K. Miettinen
Peitsa Mikola
Jari-Erik Nurmi
Seppo Rickman
Diether Sperlich
Stig Stenholm
Perttu Vartiainen
Olli Välikangas


ISBN 978-951-41-1138-9