Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia | Finnish Academy of Science and Letters | Academia Scientiarum Fennica


The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters invites Finnish academics and scientists who have distinguished themselves in their own fields to become members. The Academy had 717 members as of December 2015.

Groups and sections

The Academy is divided into two sections, those of science and the humanities, and these in turn are divided into groups by disciplines, so that the Section of Science has seven such groups and the Section of the Humanities eight.

The quota for Finnish members of the Academy of Science and Letters under the age of 65 years is restricted to 333, with 194 in the Section of Science and 139 in the Section of the Humanities. When a member reaches the age of 65 his or her place in the quota becomes vacant, but that person still retains full membership of the Academy.

The Groups of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

SECTION OF SCIENCE quota positions
Mathematics and computer science 28
Physics and astronomy 26
Geosciences 24
Chemistry 21
Biosciences 22
Agriculture and forestry 22
Medical sciences 51
  total 194


Theology and religious studies 12
Philosophy,Aesthetics and Art reasearch 12
Psychology and Pedagogy 14
History and archaeology 17
Finno-Ugric Studies 17
Linguistics 21
Jurisprudence 18
Social sciences 29
  total 139

Selection of Members

Several steps are involved in the process by which potential members are elected. Suggestions for new members are first discussed in the groups concerned and then proposals voted on in meetings of the sections. The final choices are then made in the Spring Annual General Meeting in April. It is also possible for the Governing Board to put proposals for new members before the appropriate section.

This election procedure is fairly typical of academies of science worldwide and is directed specifically at ensuring that all members have the necessary academic credentials and command widespread respect in their own field. Membership of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, in common with membership of any other academy of science, is looked on as a considerable achievement in a person’s academic career.

External Members

The Academy began inviting members from abroad in 1924. The same rules and requirements apply as in the case of Finnish members, and it goes without saying that these people represent the peak in their own field internationally.

Honorary Members

Especially distinguished scientists and academics or patrons of scientific research may be invited to honorary membership of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. The current honorary members are Academician Olli Lehto, former chancellors of the University of Helsinki Kari Raivio and Risto Ihamuotila and Professors Eeva Tapio, Jarmo Visakorpi, Elina Haavio-Mannila and Heikki Palva.

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